Tuberculosis : Cause , Treatment and Types

Bacteria pneumonia, medical concept, 3D illustration showing human lungs and close-up view of rod-shaped bacteria in lungs

Tuberculosis(TB) is caused by a bacteria named Mycobacterium tuberculosis and attacks the lungs of a person. It can also affect other body parts. It is a curable disease but hard to tackle. Tuberculosis spreads person to person when a person talks, sing, cough, and sneeze in the air. It is not transferred through the personal items of a person which he/she touches. It mainly affects people to stay or work close to the patient. It can happen anywhere to anyone in the world. People having a strong immune system can control Tuberculosis to be active. Sometimes a person is infected with TB bacteria but the immune system fights with the bacteria this is called latent Tuberculosis.

Symptoms of Tuberculosis
1. Cough more than few weeks or coughing up blood
2. Loss of appetite
3. Weight loss
4. Fever
5. Night sweat
6. Chest pain

Prevention of Tuberculosis


1. Infected person should cover the mouth while talking, sneezing, etc
2. Drugs should be given to close people of the patient
3.Good vaccination
4.Good hygiene
5.Proper testing to identify at an early stage

Types of Tuberculosis
Tuberculosis is mainly divided into 2 categories Pulmonary Tuberculosis and Extrapulmonary Tuberculosis


Pulmonary Tuberculosis 

1. Primary Tuberculosis pneumonia

2. Tuberculosis pleurisy

3. Cavitary Tuberculosis

4. Miliary Tuberculosis

5. Laryngeal Tuberculosis

 Extrapulmonary Tuberculosis

1. Renal Tuberculosis

2. Adrenal Tuberculosis

3. Osteal Tuberculosis

4. Tuberculosis pericarditis

5. Tuberculosis Peritonites

6. Lymph Node Tuberculosis

Medication used

1. Isoniazid
2. Ethambutol
3. Pyrazinamide
4. rifampin

Side effects of medication are:


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