Teenage Skin Care Routine

It is very important to take care of your skin at a teenage. Blackheads, acne, oily skin are the major problems at this age.

Follow this routine to keep your skin healthy

1. Wash your face when you get up because this will remove all the oil that is built overnight and to also avoid acne. So get up and wash your face with a face wash with lukewarm water. Do not use soap on your skin because soap is not good for your face skin. Use an herbal and safe face wash only. You can use the Himalayan neem face wash.

2. After you have washed your face and brush your teeth apply a nice lip balm on your lips to moisturize your lips. you can use Nivea lip balm for the best results.

3. After taking a bath you have to moisturize your skin. So you can use Nivea soft cream. It is light and moisture your skin. This moisture your entire body and you can use on your face also. This will also reduce wrinkles, acne and keep your skin healthy.

4. Your next step is to use a good sunscreen lotion. Sunscreen lotion is very important to prevent your skin from UV rays. UV rays are very harmful to human skin so everyone should protect their skin. You can use Nivea sunscreen lotion with SPF30. Don’t go out without using sunscreen lotion because it is important for your skin.

5. After coming back home wash your face. Don’t wash your face more than 2-3c times a day. Excessive face wash will damage your skin. after washing your face apply moisturizing cream again.

6. Before going to bed use a nice cleansing milk lotion. If you don’t use makeup there are so many dust particles on your face so apply a cleansing lotion. You can use Nivea refreshing cleansing lotion then you can wash your face. Then apply a night cream and apply it to your body also. Night time is very good to take care of your skin

Besides this routine, you can apply aloe vera gel every day on your skin to avoid all the type of skin problems and apply hair oil and massage your hair at least one time in a week for healthy hair.


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