Osteoporosis : Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Osteoporosis , which means fragile and porous bones. It is a disease by which the density and the quality of bones decrease. As bones are more fragile and porous, the risk of fracture is increased. This occurs silently and progressively in our body because there are no symptoms of this until someone gets the first fracture.

What causes Osteoporosis?  

Our bones are the living tissue from birth to adulthood our bones continuously developing and strengthening. The bones are most dense in our 20s , this is called peak bone mass. As we grow, our bone cells start to dissolve bone resorption, while the new bone cells deposit formation. This is called remodeling.                                                                                                                                          Due to this bone become porous, fragile, brittle and porous and easy to get a fracture.

Osteoporotic fractures

In the whole world, there is approx. four out of ten women and four out of twenty men aged fifty and above are at high risk to get an Osteoporosis fracture. It is estimated that every three seconds someone gets Osteoporosis fracture, and most of the fracture occurs at the hip, wrist, and spine.

Prevention and Diagnosis

Prevention = Consume a good amount of calcium and vitamin D. We can get calcium from Dairy products and Vitamin D from the sun rays, so we should at least spend 20 to 25 Minutes in the sunlight. And there is other things also which can increase the chance of osteoporosis like smoking, lack of exercise and alcohol abuse.

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