Insomnia: Symptoms, Types, and Causes

Have you ever experienced those nights where you just could not sleep? Once in awhile everyone has faced it. It is a common sleep disorder in which a person finds difficulties to fall in sleep. Quality sleep is very necessary for good health. An adult person should sleep for 7-9 hours. Good sleeping habits are important in a person’s life. There are two types of insomnia, Chronic, and Acute insomnia. Chronic insomnia-lasts for more than one month where Acute insomnia-lasts for less than one month.

Symptoms of insomnia
1. Fails to fall asleep
2. Difficulty in staying asleep
3. Wake up too early in the morning
4. Whole day tiredness and sleepiness
5. Anxiety and fatigue
6. High blood pressure
7. Grumpy and moody nature

Causes of insomnia
1. The stress of work and relationship.
2. Death of loved ones
3. Due to medication-related steroids
4. Pulmonary diseases
5. Eating too much in the night
6. Anxiety and depression
7. Consumption of alcohol and caffeine

Effects of insomnia
1. Increase in the number of accidents
2. Irritable nature
3. Poor performance in work
4. Several health problems
5. Mental health disorder

Some Ways to tackle insomnia

1. Read books daily and listen to soft music.
A person should read a book at night and listen to soft music because it helps in creating a calm and relaxing environment for the person which helps him/her to sleep.

2. Write down your worries
A person should take a pen paper and write all the things and worries that are haunting him/her. Because when we write our worries on a paper or tell someone else we feel light from inside.

3. Good sleeping habits
(a) A person should make a fixed time for sleeping and wake up.
(b) Avoid daytime nap
(c) He /She should use the bed for sleeping only not for studying, texting, watching tv, etc.

4. Calm environment
A person should remove bright lights and noise. He/She can use eye covers and earplugs in this case.

5. Medication
Medication can be used which is prescribed by your doctor.

6. Behavioral therapy

7. Reduce intake of alcohol and caffeine and avoid unnecessary smoking in the evening.

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