Depression : 10 ways to overcome Depression

Depression is a state of low mood. people with depressed mood can feel sad, anxious, empty, hopeless, worthless, irritable, angry, ashamed, restless. In depression, people feel that why they are alive and they may lose interest in the things they were once interested in. It is a situation where people stuck between overemotional and emotionless at the same time. People feel void and found themself useless for everything and get angry at every little thing and fight with anyone anytime. We all have bad days where we feel depressed or have anxiety but to let those thoughts linger on can be harmful to you.

There are 10 ways to overcome depression:

1. Talk to someone

Talking to friends, family, or even a professional counselor about your depression issue can help uncover potential causes of a solution besides once you share your feelings
with others, you get a perspective of the second person that can help you in better decisions.


2. Take a walk

Taking a walk can uplift your mood instantly. a person should take a walk alone which helps in discovering and analyzing many things.

3. Read a book

It does not mean read a self-book only read something that uplifts your mood and spirit and which can help in changing the perspective on life.

4. Eat healthily

A person should no overeat and eating too much sugar is not good for body and uplift depression on the other hand following a healthier diet is not only good for health for mood also.

5. Quit drinking

Drinking may help you in the short term but alcohol is a depressant and it will make you feel worse in the long run.

6. Love yourself

Treat yourself the way you treat your dear ones. never feel wanted and delete the unwanted thoughts from a mind that you are not good enough.

7. Laugh  out loud

Laugh out loud laughing is the best therapy. it makes a person feel better about themselves.

8. Create something

Do something different that makes you feel good about you and can divert your mind from another thing.

9. Have the courage to change

A person should accept the need to change and seek it.things will get better when you decide to change from inside.

10. Stay busy

A person should keep themselves busy so that they are not affected by unnecessary things.

11. Feel the warm sun

Everyone likes sunny days and how they uplift someone’s mood it is because it provides vitamin D which helps in lowering depression.

14. Do what you love

Do what you love loving what you do is all that matters. So do what you love it gives pleasure, happiness.

15. Think positive

Thinking is everything so a person should think positive because the way we think is the same way we feel. A person should avoid negative thoughts, people, talks for peaceful thinking.

16. Acceptance

A person should accept things and should look forward. He/She should understand why this particular thing happened and they can do nothing only accept and move on.

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