Common Cold and Flu : Symptoms and Differences

This is the time of winter season and many people are affected by the cold and flu and if you also have cold or flu then today let talk about the difference between common cold and flu. Because many of us don’t know what is the difference between flu and the common cold.

Difference between flu and the common cold
Flu and the common cold may seem similar at first but it is not similar. Flu and common cold both are respiratory illness and it may show the same symptoms. But the viruses which cause common cold and flu are different. Common cold and flu have some common symptoms which are given below:

• Sneezing

• Stuffy and runny nose

• General fatigue

• Body aches

Flu can be more intense than the common cold, flu can be more serious than the common cold.

Symptoms of common cold and flu are given below:

1. Cough
In flu, cough is common and sometimes its sudden onset, and in the cold it also common and mild or moderate.

2. Fever
In flu, fever is very common sometimes its sudden onset, and the temperature of the body is between 38°C and 40°C. In the cold the fever is absent.

3. Aches and pains
In flu aches and pains are common and sometimes person severe. In cold the pains and aches are rare and mild.

4. Headaches
In the flu, the headache is very common and sometimes severe but in the case of cold, it is very rare.

5. Fatigue
In flu fatigue is common and its duration is just a few days but sometimes longer. In cold fatigue is common and mild.

6. Vomiting and Nausea
In flu, nausea and vomiting are rare in the case of adults but it is very common in children. In cold vomiting and nausea is rare and mild.

7. Sneezing
Sneezing is very rare in the flu but it is very common in cold.

8. Sore throat
Sore throat is common in both the flu and cold.

9. Runny nose and stuffy nose
Runny and stuffy nose is rare in the adults but it is very common in the children. In the cold runny and stuffy nose is common.

If you feel any symptoms, then go to your doctor and take care of yourself.

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