Breathing Exercises: 7 Benefits of Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercise is very helpful. Breathing exercises can decrease anxiety and stress. It relaxes your body, mind and can help you to fall asleep. There are many benefits of breathing exercises but in today’s blog I write 10 amazing benefits of breathing exercise, which are:

1. Breathing exercise improves blood flow
When you take a deep breath then the upward movement and downward movement of the diaphragm helps to remove the toxins from the body which promotes better blood flow in our body.

2. Breathing exercise relaxes body and mind
When we are scared, angry or very tensed then your muscles are tightened and breathing becomes shallow which not good for or health. At this time our body is not getting the right amount of oxygen it requires. Long and deep breathing reverses this process and allowing your body and mind to relax.

3. Breathing exercise improves digestion
Breathing deeps supply more oxygen to our whole body including the digestive system. And Breathing exercises make it work more efficiently. The increased blood flow in our body due to deep breathing also encourages intestinal action which improves our overall digestion.

4. Breathing exercise works as a natural painkiller
When we deep breath, our body releases endorphin which is a natural pain killer and the feel-good hormones. Breathing exercise can help us to fight against pain.

5. Breathing exercise improves posture
Breathing exercise helps to be in good body posture. You can try this at your home if you take a deep breath then your body starts to straighten up during this process. When you fill your lung with air, this automatically forces you to straighten up your spin. And that posture is good posture.

6. Breathing exercise increases energy level
Due to the increased blood flow, we get more oxygenated blood to our body parts. And increased oxygen results in increased energy levels of our body.

7. Breathing exercise detoxifies the body
Co2 is a natural toxic waste of body that comes out from the body through breathing. But when lungs are compromised by shallow breathing, the other detoxification system starts working to expel this waste, and this can make our body weaker.

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