Anxiety : Symptoms, Types and Remedies

Anxiety is the natural response of our body to stress. Anxiety is the feeling of apprehension or fear about what to come. But if your anxiety feelings are extreme, and are interfering with your life then it can be an anxiety disorder.

The symptoms of anxiety

Anxiety feels different in every person. Some people feel out of control like there is a disconnect between their mind and some can feel a racing heart. And sometimes people feel anxiety includes panic attacks, nightmares, painful thoughts, and some people may fear a specific thing, place or event.

General symptoms are:

1. Rapid breathing

2. Restless

3. Feel difficulties in falling asleep

4. Increased in heart rate

5. Feels trouble in concentration

6. Increased or heavy sweating

7. Lethargy and Weakness

8. Digestive Problems

Types of anxiety disorders

Anxiety is the key part of some different disorders like:

1. Phobia disorder: It is the excessive fear of a specific event, object, place or situation.

2. Panic disorder: In this disorder, a person gets a panic attack at unexpected times.

3. Illness anxiety disorder: It is the anxiety about your health, it is also known as HYPOCHONDRIA.

4. Post-traumatic stress disorders: Anxiety after a traumatic event.

5. Social anxiety disorder: It is the fear when someone feels an extreme fear of being judged by the other in social situations.

6. Separation anxiety disorder: It is the fear of separation from a loved one or from family.

7. Obsessive-compulsive disorder

Natural remedies for anxiety

Some small habits in your daily lifestyle can be an effective way to get relief from anxiety and stress, these remedies include:

1. By Avoiding alcohol

2. By Avoiding  caffeine

3. Meditating

4. Getting enough sleep

5. By quitting smoking cigarettes

6. Eat a healthy diet

7. By doing exercise daily

By making these small positive changes in daily routine can eliminate stress and anxiety.

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