Acidity: Natural Home Remedies

The following are the tips which can provide cure to the acidity or acid reflux:

1. Balance your diet

If you are facing frequent acidity problems then avoid consumption of oily and spicy food and drink more and more water to increase the fluid in the stomach. Always have smaller meals so that the food can get easily digested and can control your calorie intake.

2. Get rid of alcohol and tobacco

Alcohol and tobacco relax the LES which makes it easy for the food to come back to the esophagus. so avoid the consumption of alcohol and tobacco to avoid acidity and many other problems and improve your health.

3. Change your lifestyle

A person should exercise daily for improving the digestive system. Always take a walk after meal to facilitate digestion and prevent reflux.

4. Proper sleep

A person should take a sleep of a minimum of 7 hours because a lack of sleep also leads to gastric problems. Sleeping in a proper position will also help your esophagus pointed downward so the food cannot come back to the stomach.

5. Get rid of food allergies

Most of the time people prefer antacids in such cases but it is not a long term solution. It only works when you are suffering or when you know you re going to eat something that will affect you. The better way to trigger the problem is to reduce the consumption of such food items that create problems for you.
The common food items that affect all the people are
1. Vinegar
2. chocolate
3. Coffee
4. Tea
5. Spicy food
6. Tomatoes
7. Acidic fruits

6. Cold milk and icecreams

Cold milk and ice creams help to provide relief from acidity. Drink a glass of cold milk as it neutralizes the acid present in the stomach and can give you relief from acidity. You can also eat a cup of ice cream for relief.

7. Chewing gum

Eating chewing gum after meals Keep the fluid in the stomach and produce saliva which helps to reduce the acid reflux symptoms.

8. Eat a banana and apple


Banana and Apple are natural antacids and fight against acidity. Always have an apple before sleep to relieve reflux.

9.Lose weight

Obesity is one of the factors of acid reflux and it causes pressure on the stomach which forces the food and acid back to the esophagus. So losing weight can improve acid reflux conditions.

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